REST API to manage Database Cloud Service

Arguably agility is one of the primary advantage of Cloud. All major cloud platform offer a very neat UI to manage lifecycle of infrastructure such as Virtual Machine and Platform such as Database, Application server etc. UIs are good for one off tasks or projects where infrastructure or platform components are not rebuild from scratch […]

a Database in the Cloud

Database Cloud Service in Oracle Public Cloud is an example of platform service (or PaaS), which¬† hugely simplifies deploying an Oracle database. All you need to get started are: Oracle Public Cloud account ( or a trial account) and SSH key pair for connectivity once database is build. Once you log in to Oracle Public […]

Cloud Basics

for anyone employed in IT industry and still unaware of cloud computing, it is worth spending 5 minutes on this YouTube video by Stephen Fry. Cloud Computing involves a plethora of technologies ranging from virtualization to application delivery, as well as a whole new set of concepts such as elasticity, multitenancy and metered services to […]