a Database in the Cloud

Database Cloud Service in Oracle Public Cloud is an example of platform service (or PaaS), which  hugely simplifies deploying an Oracle database. All you need to get started are:

  1. Oracle Public Cloud account ( or a trial account) and
  2. SSH key pair for connectivity once database is build.

Once you log in to Oracle Public Cloud, and navigate to Database Cloud Service, building a new Oracle Database takes just few clicks as demonstrated in this blog post.



Click on “Create Service”, and follow the instructions to select

  • Subscription type – DB Cloud Service with Tooling or just Virtual Image with Database Software.
  • Billing Frequency – Monthly or Hourly.
  • Software Release – Currently and are available versions.
  • Software Edition – Worth noting that Oracle database in cloud comes in 4 flavors and differs w.r.t included options. However, Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) option is  available in all four editions . Select from one of the following as per your project requirements:
    • Standard Edition
    • Enterprise Edition – No added options.
    • High Performance – All options except In-Memory, RAC and Active Data Guard.
    • Extreme Performance – All options.
  • The last page asks you to provide name of service, compute shape, size of database, password, character sets and a SSH public key for secure connection to database (and its VM) when it is build. Also, opt for backup, HA (RAC) and DR (Data Guard) as required.
  • On the Confirmation page, review the information you entered in previous screens and click “Create”. It takes approx 25 minutes to create a single instance database in the Oracle Cloud. Once provisioned, you can view the IP address and SQL*Net connection string that you will need to access your DBCS instance.

Slide show below shows the workflow and screens involved in creating a database in Oracle Public Cloud.

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Note that you have full access to Virtual Machine hosting database via SSH. Use the private key to connect via SSH from your computer. Review the security rules and out-of-the-box tools for DBCS management. More information about Oracle Database Cloud Service can be found at its documentation site.

Building Database in Cloud is lot simpler as it takes away the pain of infrastructure set up. In next blog post, I will discuss the use of REST Web Services to build DB with a JSON file and a single call to Oracle Cloud.